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"Affinity is more than just a safe space - it’s a bounce board of ideas, a deep dive into ethically functioning business models, and a mirror of secure self reflection… you can truly look at yourself in a vulnerable way to explore what needs to grow and what needs to shine, without fear of judgement or misunderstanding from others…. And THAT is pretty damn powerful."

— Edel Danger Clark, Photographer

"You know the self-sustained village of strong, wise, and witchy women you dream of having? Well, that's Affinity. We all care for each other, and almost all industries or types of services are represented, it feels like you don't need another community after Affinity! OBM, Spiritual mentors, Healers, Coaches, Photographers, Designers, Copywriters.... you got it all...! And what is better than working with friends? It's true. You guys have changed my life already."

— Bao Yang, Copywriter

"Affinity is like the sisterhood I never knew I needed. I wouldn't go without it and wished I had come across this beautiful, supportive and just magical group of ladies sooner. It's a safe space to explore, play, be vulnerable and grow. Everyone is so different but also so similar. Best investment I have made in my business."

— Jessica Segalla, OBM

Payment of £45/month begins automatically following the 14 day free trial


If you're truly ready to find your people and to explore your personal expansion alongside your business success then come give us a whirl on the 14 Day FREE TRIAL and experience community, networking & connection, training and a sense of belonging like never before.

Experience deeper connection with others, true belonging and a sense of finally feeling seen.

Be encouraged to explore your inner world & update your belief systems so you can accelerate the manifestation of the outer world you wish to create.

Have the BIG conversations you can't have anywhere else because people in the 'real world' think you're batty.

Let go of the 'shoulds', stop looking outside yourself for the answers, start trusting your intuition to make aligned decisions in life & business.

Make new friends & business connections, find your soul mate clients and receive quality referrals.

Start embracing vulnerability as a strength because when we can accept ourselves fully, we can show up & take unhindered action in our business.



Come to Affinity to have the BIG conversations you can't have anywhere else.


Affinity is a women's circle specifically for spiritual and conscious business owners so we offer a brave space for courageous conversation where the BIG TOPICS can be spoken about freely and vulnerably. The online networking offers a few different formats - each designed to give you a unique experience but all are geared towards encouraging unguarded conversation, getting vulnerable and becoming more deeply connecting with other souls in the same space as you so let's start some campfire conversations!

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Sign up for the 14 day FREE TRIAL and receive;

  • 4 live online networking sessions
  • 2 live Wild Woman Wednesday Conscious/spiritual practice sessions online
  • Access to any other LIVE online events within your trial period
  • Access to the Facebook Community - not your bog standard community 😉


You'll also receive a login to access to the Affinity Toolkit containing;

  • All the wild woman wellbeing practices
  • All the quarterly training sessions, guest masterclasses and workshops
  • A bank of royalty free brand images to use in your own social media
  • Additional resources and mini courses around marketing, branding, mindset and visibility
  • A customisable business directory listing making you easy to find


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