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“You are allowed to take up space. Own who you are and what you want for yourself.”

― Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars

MAY 20th - 23rd

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Calling in all conscious, courageous female entrepreneurs ...ready to take the next steps on your healing journey to reach the fullest, most expansive YOU and light up your business?


⚡️ Ready to get networking confidently and meet 'soul-aligned' clients?

⚡️ Have moments when you feel the authentic you but haven't fully leaned in yet?

⚡️ Know you're here for a reason but mindset & strategy are holding you back from creating your vision in business?

⚡️ Ready to be inspired, uplifted and supported on your journey to wholeness and your wild business success?


Then come hang out at the Festival; connect, expand AND be in with a chance to win over £1000 in prizes!


I’ve come to recognise that starting a business is essentially a fast track in trauma release. So we need a more holistic approach to building yourself, your connections and your business - one that offers an open hearted, vulnerable space for exploration and acceptance. These are the conversations and relationships that will leave you forever changed.


So come and play in a space where we are making 'everything that's been keeping you stuck' rainbow coloured so we can dissolve and transmute it into a super power!



Because I want to make sure you have a more personalised experience, spaces are limited to 20 - 100 at each of the live sessions so book your spots asap!

"Who we choose to spend time with is who we become"

We get to create our soul family!

Affinity is the most incredible community of huge hearted, inspiring women in business! And we're done waiting for the right people to come to us. We're finding our clients, partners and friends, right here, right now!


READY TO RECEIVE? Join us to...

⚡️ Meet future clients, collaborators, inspirational leaders & friends!

⚡️ Experience a deeper sense of belonging - no more feeling alone or having no-one to have the much needed conversations with

⚡️ Acquire a number of somatic techniques for releasing, calming and connecting with your inner warrior (of love) to prepare you for ANYTHING!


4 days of insightful and empowering workshops, events and networking to uplift and connect you with other inspiring women embarking on the same journey;

⚡️ Accountability Networking training and transformative self-inquiry workshops

⚡️ 121 networking connection opportunities as well as larger gatherings

⚡️ Somatic Self Care, Sharing Circles & Wellbeing Sessions

Awareness Days (14)

Get involved to win OVER £1000 worth of prizes!!!

  • Annual Affinity Membership (WORTH £395)
  • 2 x 121 Holistic Business Mentoring sessions using Breathwork to release blocks (WORTH £120 each)
  • Brand Photography Shoot (WORTH £450)


⚡️ Over-achievers, self sabotagers and anyone feeling like they've been doing it all but nothing's moving the needle.

⚡️ Ideal for healing facilitators, therapists, wellbeing practitioners & holistic and heart led women

⚡️ Purpose led business owners and leaders with a holistic approach to building an outrageously authentic business!

⚡️ Conscious, open minded female entrepreneurs with an audacious desire to save the world!



Hi, I'm Lauren!

Noisy and joyfully enthusiastic leader of Affinity ...also travel bug adventurer with a wide open heart! Love people, LOVE talking and love sharing my personal journey with the aim of helping others with theirs. fave topics include; books, music, trauma and biscuits!

I know, from personal experience, that starting a business is essentially a fast track in trauma release so personal journeying, conscious connection and supported self exploration are key to business expansion.

We all need a brave space and compassionate sounding board to explore our blocks, share our stories and reveal our truest, most authetic and most powerful selves.

So welcome to Affinity! No matter how big or small you think the impact you make, you are an inmportant part of the ripple effect and the world needs what you have to offer so let's make it happen, together.

Here's the Timetable of Festivities

In Affinity, we have a holistic approach to supporting and championing both you and your business, So you'll find a variety of events to sample what's on offer within the community. From wellbeing events promoting conscious connection to self to high vibey networking sessions and from sharing circles to OTG actually useful business workshops - we've got you covered!

Spaces are limited at the different events so I can make sure you feel truly seen and connected with me (Lauren, Affinities founder - not the voice of God) and so you know that space is being held for you because your experience is important to me. So claim your spot now...


9.30am (1hr)

NETWORKING: The Energiser Sessions -121 rooms to elevate and uplift


10.30am (2hrs)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Planning for the year ahead + Coworking


1pm (1hr)

WORKSHOP: Getting Started at Networking (the Basics)



10am (1hr)

WORKSHOP: How to leave an impression at Networking


11am (1hr)

WORKSHOP: Is past trauma affecting your business success?


1pm (1hr)

NETWORKING: Fizzy & Fun Speed Networking to talk about business!



10am (1hr)

WORKSHOP: Maximise Client Generation from Networking


11am (1hr)

WORKSHOP: Making friends with Visibility (Meditation, Journaling, Q&A)


1pm (1hr)

WELLBEING: Wild Woman Wellbeing Sessions for conscious connection



11am (1hr)

WELLBEING: Unleash your Inner Warrior (of love) Breathwork Session


1pm (1hr)

NETWORKING: Speak to the room, intro your business, tell your story.


7pm (90 mins)

Festival Grande Finale: Dance Party and Prize Draw