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The Intuitive Visibility Challenge

Show up as your most Authentic Self


  • Like you don't know what to say on social media?
  • Resistance to creating content for your business?
  • Like you're not showing up as the most authentic you?
  • Self doubt about what you have to offer?

If you want;

  • To feel the flow of words move through you unhindered
  • To share your story without paralysing self doubt
  • To be able to share your unguarded self with your audience

Come join this free 5 day challenge and be in the energy of others on the same journey.

The healing power of intuitive journaling in releasing blocks is the modality used in this challenge  which will help you get more authentically visible in your business.

Meet your Guides

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Sally-Shakti Willow

Sally is a Visionary Writing Guide and Star Priestess in-training. She has a PhD in Poetry and has been practising yoga and meditation for over 20 years.

She teaches writing and journaling workshops to help Visionary Writers Release Writer’s Block, Rewrite Your Story, and Rewild Your Writing! She lives by the seasonal cycles and practices intuitive Tarot and Goddess-Centred Astrology while training.


Lauren D Hughes

Lauren started Affinity because she wanted to create a space where every woman felt seen, heard and accepted.

It has since developed and has become a place of big conversations, of self reflection and of healing - all things that are part of our journey to wholeness.

Lauren believes that our purpose on earth is to heal ourselves - so we can heal the whole and everything she does is focused on supporting women business owners to come home to themselves, to heal and to create a radiant ripple effect of positive change out into the world.

Your business is the vehicle for this change so she and Affinity are here to power up your business expansion alongside your personal growth. Doing it alone feels overwhelming but when you have the right community by your side - everything becomes posible.

Let's change the world, together!