‘Unleash the Power Within’ Virtual Immersion: My Take Aways

So from my first 3 days at the Tony Robbin ‘Unleash the Power Within’ Virtual event I’ve got a couple of huge takeaways;

1. We all have 6 basic human needs. Our needs, values and beliefs are shaped by our past experiences. They also shape our decison making and so – the lives we create.

The GREAT NEWS is – they can be changed :))

Understand your two most powerful underlying needs, your most important values and your deepest beliefs so you can spot your patterns, adjust as necessary, make better decisions and create a more beautiful life.

So, if you want something different going forward, this is where the change work needs to be done.

Now I truly understand the depth of the expression – “do as you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got”

We have to create change deep within the identity we’ve created for ourselves to facilitate real change in our lives.

2. We don’t do ANYTHING that isn’t, in some way, to get our needs met!

And my BIG revelation (are you ready for this because it’s huge!?)


So it doesn’t matter how much you value honesty, you will lie if one of your biggest core needs is love and connection because you do not want people to think badly of you and risk rejection!!!!!

I KNOW!!!!!! Holy effing snotballs!!

3. This is a FUN one!

So often the gap between failure and success is only 2mm – don’t give up, just re-assess and try a different approach.

And of course, make sure you’ve got clarity on your desired outcome and that it comes from a place of healthy/authentic needs, wants, values and beliefs not from the conditioned place (this is the place we’re usually operating from when we royally screw things up!!)

The 6 human needs that we all have (and each of us has them to varying degrees) are;

CERTAINTY Security, Safety, knowing
UNCERTAINTY Surprises, novelty, excitement, adventure, the unknown
SIGNIFICANCE to feel important, that we have meaning in the eys of others
LOVE/CONNECTION the bold look for love, those afraid might settle for connection
GROWTH Emotional, Mental, Spiritual etc.
CONTRIBUTION to a greater good, being a part of something bigger than ourselves, community

My two big needs were uncertaity and significance but when I felt into where they came from and how they have – or haven’t – been serving me (Significance = a desire to prove myself worthy of love and Uncertainty = creating problems in my life and business because I seek it to excess) …I decided to actively change them to love/connection (cut out the middle man!) and Growth.

The trick now is to be mindfully aware when each of my needs is at play. To mindfully strengthen my new chosen needs by exercising them! Wish me luck!

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