"I can’t talk highly enough about the Affinity women’s networking community.

 It is an ethical, friendly and such a fun way to get connected with other business women in a very different and thoughtful way and I am truly grateful to find this community.

This is a very safe and conscious space where us women can support each other, and there is nothing catty about it whatsoever. If anything Lauren will take care of it straight away to bring harmony and you can definitely count on her.

If you are looking for a women’s business community where there is abundant support and cheer, then this is the networking group you need to check out and you won’t regret it…..especially if you are shy and not good at networking like I was!"


— Yuriko Shinjo



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"If you're on the fence, promise me you'll just bloody TRY it. You won't regret it.

I used to say I HAAAAATE networking sessions with an exceptionally violent passion - don't get me wrong, I won't be joining any other groups any time soon, but Affinity is nothing like that. 

No one is there to sell more than they're there to support, that's the beauty of it."

— Ems Rae Searle, Ethical Marketing Strategist





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“Connecting online in this particular way is totally new to me and oooh my eyes have been opened! I didn't really know what networking was, or could be, when I signed up but what a gorgeous, supportive, vibe - Lauren it's so tangible in the space, that you practice and invite radical self-and everyone-else acceptance and connection and community. IT WAS GLORIOUS!”


— Nell Aurelia





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