The energy of: ‘Jump In’

At our networking & connection sessions I’ve started to introduce a crystal and card pull to encourage regular self inquiry because for me self inquiry has been the most powerful tool in healing…self inquiry that’s full of curiosity, love and compassion and devoid of blame, shame and judgement.

Because, quite frankly when you’re beating yourself with a big stick whilst walking the path of healing, it’s going to take you three times as long to get anywhere because it’s one step forward, 25 steps back. So let’s practise kindness for ourselves and others on our journey.

We each have different thoughts around oracle cards, spirit guides, messages and crystals etc. For me, my current truth is that I’m a huge fan of looking within for the answers rather than putting all our faith in external things to guide us so for me when I pull a card or select a crystal and then read the guidance that accompanies it – I find what I myself need to find in it, rather than being led too much by the words.

FEEL INTO THE GUIDANCE: Find your own truth

Sometimes I’ll feel a strong YES and then I know that it is a signal that the wondering going on in my subconscious is on the right track. Occasionally I feel resistance and this, to me, is a signal to explore that resistance. Is it because it doesn’t align with my values and my soul path or is it that there is fear around what is being shared? Occasionally I get a sensation of aggravation around what I’m reading and then I really know there’s some unpacking to do. But all of it, for me, is signposting and the key is noticing yourself, your emotions, your energy and your responses when you receive the guidance. It’s not so much the guidance, more your response to it that signals if you are on the right track

TODAY’S CARD: Jump In (From Rebecca Campbell’s ‘The Starseeed Oracle’)

So today’s card was an interesting one for me because initially my body rejected ‘Jump In’ as an energy because it felt like I was so far removed from in my current ‘wintering’ state and integration phase following the retreat in December.

HOWEVER, when I read the guidance, it sang to me so I wonder if there is something in here that you also need to hear right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments if it resonates or agitates in any way because both offer lines of internal inquiry.

We are here to learn from each other and grow and the best way to help each other and ourselves is to voice it, say it out loud, have conversations and see where they take you ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

TODAY’S CRYSTAL: Rainbow Fluorite

Crystal Properties (goes beautifully with today’s card)

“Fluorite is thought to be a particularly good crystal for assisting with focus, clear thinking, and creative inspiration. “Its swirling bands of greens, purples, and blues have a calming effect on both mind and body,” Van Doren adds.

She considers it a great earth ally to keep on hand when you’re working, studying, or just hoping to have a chill but productive day.

Askinosie adds that this crystal can also be used to hold intentions like inner harmony, peace, and serenity.

Rainbow fluorite benefits:

  • Calming
  • Supports productivity
  • Supports inner harmony
  • Helps tap into creativity and intuition


I’d love to hear your thoughts and if this card/crystal or the combination speak to you? Is there a whispering inside that says YES!?

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